N: Heather Sell H: Columbia, MD 21046 E: fourelevenfilm@gmail.com P: 301-928-9836

Marketing and Sales Specialist

3-5 years of experience in sales, outreach, social media marketing, , with a documented record of success in increasing online presence and brand awareness to drive sales and conversion 

  • Proven success in driving results through phone sales. $93K+ in October 2021, 97% accuracy, AOV of $600+ 
  • Successfully coached a batch of new hires in August 2021, with great success speaking to metrics like AOV, SPFTED, accuracy and tNPS 
  • Top overall rep in overall sales for Forest Line in March 2021, Viridian line in July and October 2021 
  • Assisted reps in weekend chat on Saturdays to free up leads for tasks that required a lead’s hand, and was described by weekend leadership as “paramount to workflow efficiency on the weekends” 
  • Part of the Recognition Crew for the 2021 fiscal year
  • April 2022 “WOW” Winner, Custom Ink
  • Created a chat support group for Neurodiverse Inkers at Custom Ink in 2022

CUSTOM INK- Remote July 2020-Present

Key Account Manager (September 2022- Present)

  • Managed a book of 800+ High Valued accounts
  • Conduct thorough needs assessments, outreach calls, and client research
  • Work tirelessly to build successful, meaningful and long term relationships with Custom Ink and my clients.
  • Adept at navigating challenging scenarios in a fast-paced, tumultuous environment by pivoting easily when faced with supply chain outages, tech nical challenges, and complex, multi-layered customer requests

Key Account Associate (February 2022-September 2022)

  • Respond to customer emails in a timely manner, often watching Key Account Manager’s books while they are on leave
  • I conduct a mixture of reactive and proactive selling techniques, often adapting my approach based on the individualized needs of my customers
  • Established as a go-to resource for coaching on Custom Ink internal processes given my vast knowledge of internal order processes that involve outsourcing/sourcing, discounting, individual shipping processes, and overall order accuracy to name a few

Sales Representative (July 2020-February 2022)

  • I help customers find solutions for their custom gear needs and provide necessary solutions to work around logistical issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These solutions include, but are not limited to, bulk orders with individual shipping, group order forms with individual shipping.
  • I assist customers through inbound phone calls, emails
  • Successfully use Five9 Software for customer calls
  • Successfully use Google Chat and Google suite for cross-team collaboration and communication

CUSTOM INK STORES- Annapolis, MD August 2019-March 2020

Sales Associate

  • I help customers find solutions that work for their business by designing and printing custom t-shirts, stickers, promotional materials and more
  • I created templates for outreach emails within my first month that are now being used in Bethesda, MD store (where I did my training)
  • Implemented the use of various apps and social networking platforms such as Shapr, about.me, and Embassy (Custom Ink’s email databse/productivity platform) to drive traffic

CAPITOL TRADERS – Savage, MD                                                                  October 2018-July 2019                                                                                        

Marketing Assistant

  • Wholesale/Retail:  Creating and maintaining eBay listings & sharing engaging content on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Content Creation: creating blog posts via WordPress, creating content with SEO keywords & writing engaging content to increase brand awareness.

SOMA INTIMATES, WAUGH CHAPEL – Gambrills, MD                                               October 2018-Present

Sales Associate

  • Sales/Customer Service: Greet customers and make sure everyone has a warm welcome, find and locate bras for customers, measure customers to find their exact bra size
  • Shipping: Locate products from online orders and prepare them for shipment

FRONTIER REALTY GROUP – Upper Marlboro, MD                                                   October-November 2018

Social Media Intern

  • Campaign development and execution: Developed strategy for creative ways to market a real estate firm including but not limited to creating hashtags, creating weekly plans
  • Content creation: Constructed a database of blog posts, articles, and graphics for use across all media channels (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

ADTENTION – Severn, MD                                                                                                 January 2018-June 2018

Social Media Associate

  • Campaign development and execution:  Conceived and guided creative direction for multiple ecommerce campaigns by creating sales funnels and distributing across all platforms.
  • Content creation: Constructed a database of blog posts, articles, and graphics for use across all media channels (Pinterest, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Public relations and social media marketing: Posted sales funnels, articles, and engaged with followers on Facebook and Twitter several times a week                                                                   


Freelance Writer                                                                                                   October 2015-January 2016

HOUSETOWN MUSIC-Brooklyn, NY                                                                           September 2014-January 2015

PR/Social Media Intern


Administrative Assistant                                                                                       September 2013-May 2015

  • Social media management: Helped manage multiple social media accounts, helped write and edit content for various sources
  • Data entry: Constructed, maintained and analyzed contents in various databases
  • Sell merchandise and tickets at concerts